About us

Gracie Barra

Gracie Barra is not only the largest but the most traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Organization in the World. We take pride in our schools, instructors, and our students who have trained to become some of the best competitors in the world. From the initial opening in Brazil, Gracie Barra has expanded to the United States, South and Central America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

Our Mission


Our mission is to express Master Carlos Gracie Jr.'s vision and the Gracie Barra culture into uniforms and apparel that empower and inspire thousands of team members across the world, fortifying the loyalty and pride among our GB community!

Gracie Barra Founder

Carlos Gracie Jr.

Master Carlos Gracie Jr. was born on January 17, 1956. He grew up heavily influenced by a family of fighters aligned with numerous life philosophies and teachings created by his father, Carlos Gracie Sr. [Carlinhos – as referred by friends and family]. Carlos Gracie Jr. developed a community that continuously instills the values of the most influential figures from his family. All of which include: Carlos, Helio and Rolls.

In 1986, Carlos Gracie Jr. founded the first Gracie Barra school in the city of Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. From the birth of one location, he expanded Gracie Barra to where it is today - USA, BRA, AUS, CAN, EUR, JAP with approximately 800 schools spanning the globe. Today Gracie Barra is the largest and most accomplished BJJ organization in the world.

“each person who puts on the kimono and believes in jiu-jitsu that myself and my family teaches is the realization of my life’s work.”

Grand Master Carlos Gracie Sr.

(Founder of BJJ and Master Carlos Gracie Jr.’s father)

Our Core Values

  • Brotherhood

  • Integrity

  • Development