GB by Origin USA Compressed S/S Rash Guard


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Wash & Care

  • Machine wash stand alone and do not mix with abrasives like velcro.
  • Do not bleach or iron.
  • Tumble dry on low heat.


  • 100% Crafted, knit, cut and sewn in New England, USA.
  • Origin’s WarpWick© is engineered like no other textile you’ve experienced.
  • It's specifically designed for grappling and Jiu-Jitsu.
  • WarpWick© features “Latent Rebound” technology. Once the garment is put on your body, it will stay in place until it comes off. After washing and drying it will return to its natural state.
  • Fast drying, sweat wicking WarpWick© features antimicrobial properties to inhibit any unwanted bacterial growth.
  • Occasionally you will notice what we call “white casting” in the garment. This is because of our “Latent Rebound” technology. Once stretched, WarpWick© maintains a semi-stretched state so that it perfectly maps to your body.
  • That’s also why it’s the most comfortable rash guard you will ever experience, they stay tucked in and in place even when you are upside down and inverted. During this stretched state, you may notice light streaks if you aggressively pinch or pull the fabric. IT’S OK, because WarpWick© does not rebound immediately, but it will rebound once you are done training and the garment is given time to return to its original state.

Fit & Features

  • Rash guard - Designed for Gracie Barra by Origin USA.
  • Compressed, not restrictive-fit. You barely know it’s on. Fully sublimated, will not crack, peal or fade.
  • Built for performance. Should you prefer a more loose fitting garment, please move up a size.
  • Great for under Gi base layer, Nogi and MMA training.
  • Sewn on authentic flat seam sewing machines with polyester core, cotton wrapped thread, originally invented for the US military.
  • WarpWick© is truly a game changer you need to feel to believe.
  • Lab tested, WarpWick© is UPF 50+ for fun in the sun.

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